2016 Photo Workshops

Below is a list of confirmed photo workshops for the 2016 Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar:

Talking Business - Todd Bigelow

Todd Bigelow

Workshop Description

The reality for photographers working in the editorial, corporate, and non-profit fields is such that photographers' rights to maintain control over the distribution of their images has been eroded with the evolution to digital publishing. Todd's talks will draw from a section of his workshop dealing with the important role contracts, licensing and combating infringement play in a freelance photographer's life. We will analyze real contracts offered by clients, view real requests from publishers while discussing licensing options, and touch on ways to combat and recover licensing fees lost to digital infringement.

Todd will present three workshops that can be attended individually or together:

Image Licensing: Students will learn of the importance for freelancers to create licensing revenue to help defray the costs of operating a business. Real requests from clients for use of photographs will be displayed along with the final terms and conditions of the license so students can learn how to navigate the process. We will also discuss various licensing models and ways to build and manage your archive in order to best leverage your work for licensing revenue. Model releases will also be discussed.

Contracts: Contracts are the most common way of doing business in the world of freelance photography. Corporations, publishers, non-profits and others typically ask photographers to sign contracts before they can accept work. Students will have the chance to see and analyze real contracts (redacted) distributed by various clients and learn why particular clauses are extremely important to your business and future income. We will also discuss the need for photographers to create their own contracts for use in their business.

Copyright and Combating Infringement: Students will learn the basics of copyright law and how to use the knowledge to effectively register and protect their photographs from unauthorized use. In conjunction, infringement is a serious issue that deprives photographers of necessary licensing revenue, so students will learn of options to combat infringement while recovering lost revenue. Real (redacted) email exchanges between photographer and infringer will be displayed to provide additional insight.

Speaker Bio

Todd Bigelow has worked for over twenty-five years for some of the world's leading publications, non-profits and corporations including Sports Illustrated, National Geographic Traveler, Smithsonian, Time, ESPN.com, Newsweek, People, The NY Times Magazine, LA Times, USA Today, Costco, Target, The James Irvine Foundation and others. His work has been exhibited internationally and his images reside in the permanent collection at the California Museum of Photography and the Oakland Museum of California. His workshop, The Business of Photography, is offered by leading universities, professional photography organizations and photo festivals around the country and was named three times as a "fantastic" and "inspiring" workshop by Photoshelter. Todd has also taught photography and photojournalism courses at California State University, Northridge and at UCLA Extension.

Publishing Photojournalism in a Time of Social Media - Gary Hershorn

Gary Hershorn

Workshop Description

Gary Hershorn will do a workshop about Publishing Your Photography/Photojournalism in a time of social media. Online content has transformed in the past 5 years to fill up photo galleries.

This workshop will cover using social media platforms to shoot and self publish and showcase your pictures yourself and then using social media for distribution of your images and being your own editor.

Dealing with social media issues such as giving away rights and what you are giving away. Finding alternative ways to sell your pictures. Transitioning from previous formats of newspapers to web format sizes. Getting work through posting on social media through connecting with people and collectives. Using Instagram as your calling card.

Speaker Bio

Gary Hershorn began his photography career with United Press Canada in 1979 in Toronto. After six years as a photographer there, he started working with Reuters as Chief Photographer, Canada in 1985.

During his 29-year career with Reuters, he worked as a photographer in Toronto, Senior Photographer in Washington, DC, Picture Editor-Americas and Global Sports Pictures Editor.

As a photographer, Hershorn covered 17 Olympic games, 24 Masters Golf tournaments, 24 Academy Awards, numerous Super Bowl's, World Series, Stanley Cup's, World Cup's and championships in most sports around the world. His work also includes news and entertainment events like elections, summits and a variety of award shows.

Following his career at Reuters, he worked for the app, Flipboard before branching out as a freelance photographer and editor in 2016.

Time is a Flat Circle: The Metaphysics of Portraiture - Melissa Golden

Melissa Golden

Workshop Description

Join Melissa Golden for an irreverent take on the very serious subject of making portraits. Learn the secrets of a non-award-winning but fully booked photographer. Come for the diagrams and interactive theater, stay for the chance to discover the meaning of life.

Speaker Bio

Photographer Melissa Golden lives in Atlanta, but she isn't really from anywhere in particular. Over her diverse and unlikely career, she's toured with rock stars, gotten stuck in a secret elevator with the Speaker of the House, hitched a ride through a flooded trailer park in a monster truck, hung out the back of an airplane over the Gulf of Mexico, and once found herself covered entirely in chihuahuas.

A photojournalist by training, she's been making portraits for the pages and covers of magazines for years and by now has met and stolen the souls of the tech, business and political world's biggest newsmakers. With her camera, of course.

Melissa is represented by Redux Pictures and her clients include Fast Company, ESPN Magazine, CNN, People, and Variety among others.

Bringing Your Vision to Market - Jennifer Kilberg

Jennifer Kilberg

Workshop Description

Freelancers, learn how to present yourself and your work to potential clients from a seasoned marketing consultant who has worked in many corners of the industry. In this workshop, Jennifer will perform live edits the work of several attendees and help work on your elevator pitches.

Speaker Bio

After graduating Boston University visual arts school with a BFA, Jennifer moved to New York. Throughout her career, she has assisted photographers and worked in all aspects of the business until she found her true passion - consulting.

Before becoming a freelance consultant, Jennifer worked at NBC/Universal Television's SCI FI Channel as a photo editor, and had the opportunity to hire and work with top photographers including Mary Ellen Mark and David La Chappelle, among others. Her television and film experience adds yet another facet to Jennifer's ability to help photographers understand what it takes to work in those markets.

As a professional photographer herself, Jennifer was hired by the Chinese National Tourist Office for their marketing materials and also had the opportunity to photograph various destinations in Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea, Africa, and India.

Jennifer also learned the technical side of the business both as as an account executive for Kodak Professional and as the manager of the post-production department of Shoot Digital in New York.

Working as an account manager at AmericanPhoto and Popular Photography magazines helped Jennifer gain insight into the sales and marketing side of the industry. Finally, as a teacher, Jennifer has given presentations and lectures to W Magazine, Parsons School of Design, FIT, ASMP, School of Visual Arts and APA to name a few. In Atlanta, Georgia, Jennifer is currently teaching the business side of Photography and Portfolio development at The Creative Circus and The Portfolio Center.