2019 Friday Workshops

Below is a list of confirmed Friday workshops for the 2019 Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar:

Covering Traumatic Events for Journalists and Mental Health Professionals - Rich Glickstein

Rich Glickstein

Workshop Description

Traumatic events—whether covering or going through them—affect us in many ways, and possibly at different times of our lives. Understanding what might be a traumatic event, how they affect us and how to deal with them we become better journalists, better citizens and better neighbors. This two-part workshop will teach how to recognize being psychologically traumatized, the mechanisms and methods to help one’s self re-acclimate and get help if needed. (please sign up for both parts of this workshop).

Speaker Bio

Rich Glickstein is a photojournalist-turned-clinical social worker and psychotherapist. He left The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C., after 10 years to complete a graduate degree in social work and specialize in trauma therapy for combat-experienced service members and journalists. Before all that, he spent six years as an enlisted sailor in the intelligence field serving on surface ships and submarines in the Pacific and Indian oceans, North Arabian Sea and Persian Gulf. Glickstein worked in substance abuse treatment for three years before joining Shepherd Center in 2014 to work with post-9/11 Veterans and complex concussion patients. He lives in Atlanta with his wife, 10-year-old boxer, Joe, and found kitty with a newspaper-themed name, The Gray Lady.

The Business of Photography - John Harrington

John Harrington

Workshop Description

An insightful and solutions-oriented presentation on how to generate more revenue from the assignments, through pricing examples and discussion, negotiation strategies, and licensing of your work. When it comes to licensing, how do you write a license that gives the client the permissions they paid for, without leaving loopholes you could drive a truck through?From contracts to negotiations, through a series of actual negotiated assignments, we will break down the negotiation and explain how to plan for the questions you'll get, and to know the best ways to answer them. When it comes to pricing, there seems to be a world of secrecy around rates. We will discuss solutions for stock and assignment pricing, as well as discuss tools for you to establish your own. When it comes to licensing, we'll discuss how to write a license, where to put the licensing language, and what the best format will be.Throughout the program, all of these elements will be integrated into each assignment discussed.

Speaker Bio

For almost three decades, John has covered the world of politics, traveled internationally, and negotiated contracts and licensing along the way. John grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area before moving to Washington DC in the mid-80's. A 2007 recipient of the United Nations' Leadership Award in the field of photography, Harrington's work has appeared in The Washington Post. New York Times, Life, Time, Newsweek and Rolling Stone, and his commercial clients have included Coca-Cola, SiriusXM Satellite Radio, Lockheed Martin, and the National Geographic Society.

John has produced three commissioned books for the Smithsonian and the third edition of his best-selling book Best Business Practices for Photographers, continues as a best-seller since the first edition arrived in 2006. In the Fall of 2010, a retrospective of the first 20 years in the profession - Photographs from the Edge of Reality, revisited highlights of his career. John has lectured across the United States to events for the American Society of Media Photographers, Advertising Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of America, and the National Press Photographers Association. John concluded serving his second term as the President of the White House News Photographers Association in May of 2011.

Video Storytelling with the Resources You Have - Ryon Horne

Ryon Horne

Workshop Description

Ryon’s workshop will explore ways to create compelling video content with a limited budget of time and money.

Speaker Bio

Ryon Horne is a video journalist for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and co-owner of the independent film company, The Horne Brothers. Born in Paterson, New Jersey, raised in South Florida and now residing in Atlanta, Ryon’s career spans over 2 decades and has taken him around the world to capture the human experience through his lens.

In 2014, Ryon was chosen by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s editor Kevin Riley to travel to Metz, France. There, the two documented the pilgrimage of Shirley Sessions, a woman determined to uncover the untold story of her late husband, who spent 14 terrifying days of fighting in the “Battle of Metz,” during World War II, in “The Liberator’s Widow.”

In 2016, Ryon was part of the AJC’s investigative team that exposed the misconduct of doctors with patients and the culture of cover-up within the medical field. The “Doctor & Sex Abuse” caused medical boards around the country to re-examine the way doctors are disciplined for sexual misconduct. He traveled to 14 states and interviewed 35 people on camera, as a one-man film crew. The investigation went on to win several national awards, including Scripps, Peabody, Investigative Reporters and Editors, and was named a finalist for a 2017 Pulitzer prize.

Most recently, Ryon one an Emmy for his work on the short documentary “Bronco Goest to Camp.” The doc told the story of 11-year-old Bronco, who survived a heart transplant and cancer, and was experiencing his first summer away from home at Camp Twin Lakes, a safe haven for kids with heart defects.

Outside the AJC, Ryon, along with his brothers directed, produced and edited the award-winning documentary “The Start of Dreams,” which spotlighted a plethora of stars including Denzel Washington, Kenny Leon, Samuel L. Jackson, Viola Davis and Phylicia Rashad. The film was an official selection in more than 20 film festivals and won Best Documentary and the Audience Awards at the 2012 Bronze Lens Film Festival.

Ryon’s drive and commitment to truth and humanity through journalism and documentaries is evident in the work he’s produced since he was 16 years old.

Managing and Executing Large Visual Projects - David Goldman

David Goldman

Workshop Description

In this workshop, we’ll explore some of the tools and best practices to help you build a dynamic multi-layered project. We’ll discuss techniques to enhance your storytelling capabilities such as; supplementing your main story thread with photo sidebars or video clips and creating a cohesive multimedia package. Think beyond the obvious to find stories within stories and how to managing logistics, reporting and post-production. We’ll talk about how to think creatively on your feet and adapt to challenges while in the field. You’ll come away from a project equipped to give editors numerous elements to tell the story. As part of the AP’s national enterprise team, David’s goal is to report visually on news and issues and present nuanced versions in multiple formats of stories you may or may not already have heard.

Speaker Bio

David Goldman, a New York City native, is a national enterprise staff photographer for the Associated Press based in Atlanta. He has documented assignments ranging from presidential campaigns to Olympic Games, the war in Afghanistan to the struggles of rural America. He has been named Photographer of the Year three times by the New York Press Photographer’s Association and most recently was awarded best portfolio by the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar for 2018. His work has also been recognized by World Press Photo and as part of the AP’s 2010 breaking news photography package for the war in Afghanistan that was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. His recent work includes photo essays as well as video mini-documentaries on how opioid addiction is skyrocketing rates of incarcerated women and on the disproportionate number of missing and murdered Native American women in the U.S.

Navigating A College Career and More - Gabriel Scarlett

Gabriel Scarlett

Workshop Description

In this workshop Gabriel Scarlett will discuss how he traversed his college career while accumulating grants, awards and internships. Not just for students, this workshop will also focus on how he researches and completes his long-form documentary projects.

Speaker Bio

Gabriel Scarlett is finishing his final year at Western Kentucky University where he has studied photojournalism and Arabic while pursuing his EMT-B certification in Emergency Medicine. He has worked at the Denver Post and the Los Angeles Times, and he will be joining National Geographic Magazine for their summer photo internship.

His work so far has examined social issues throughout the United States, with special interest in stories of incarceration, immigration, environmental racism and economic divide.

His documentary projects have been supported by grants from Reuters, the Alexia Foundation, the Dave Martin Grant, and his own school. He has received honors from the Hearst Journalism Awards, NPPA’s Best of Photojournalism, the Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar, Kentucky News Photographers Association, and was recently named the 73rd College Photographer of the Year.

Following graduation, Gabriel hopes to freelance while pursuing grants or find a more permanent job where he can continue prioritizing long-form storytelling. He also hopes to learn Spanish and improve his Arabic speaking skills.

Conscious Inclusion - Bernadette Tuazon

Bernadette Tuazon

Workshop Description

This workshop will focus on the role of the photo editor in the storytelling process. She will reveal her process in helping construct compelling breaking news and enterprise projects.

Speaker Bio

Bernadette Tuazon is a Director of Photography, CNN Digital at CNN with deep experience in covering breaking news and enterprise projects. She is a journalist and veteran photo editor and multimedia producer with deep experience in covering breaking news and enterprise projects.

Specializes in various story-telling formats including video essays, audio-photo galleries, time-lapses, panoramas, and Gigapans, high definition panoramas.

Assignments include the Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, and Athens, and the Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Nagano, and Salt Lake City, Academy Awards, political conventions, presidential elections and inaugurations, World Series, Super Bowls, U.S. Open tennis, Papal visits, G-8, APEC, and ASEAN summits.

Awards include the 2010 Edward R. Murrow Award for Video News Documentary entitled "Killer Blue: Baptized by Fire," in collaboration with a team of photographers, interactive producers, and editors.

Also a two-time Webby Awards honoree for the AP’s “Depth of Field” audio-photo gallery series showcasing photo coverage by AP photographers worldwide and for a time-lapse project on the historic 2008 presidential elections.

Video Documentary Storytelling - Haimy Assefa

Haimy Assefa

Workshop Description

Haimy will cover the full spectrum of video storytelling from pitch development and creating a narrative arc, to production and editing.

Speaker Bio

Haimy Assefa is an Emmy-nominated video journalist and documentary filmmaker at NBC Left Field, a digital documentary unit. Haimy has a background in breaking news reporting, broadcast, and digital video. As a visual journalist, she produces, shoots, and edits cinematic stories about a wide range of issues both domestically and internationally. Prior to NBC News she worked for CNN and Great Big Story as a video producer. Haimy has a masters in international affairs from The News School and a bachelor's in sociology from Colorado State University.

Hot Topics in Copyright Law that Affect the Professional Photographer - Richard Liebowitz, Esq.

Richard Liebowitz, Esq.

Workshop Description

Topics for discussion include:

  • New 2019 Copyright Registration procedures
  • DMCA Safe Harbor
  • Embedding and In-Line Linking
  • Fair Use for the Media
  • What rights are we giving to social media sites when we sign up? The small print we do not read on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Removal of Copyright Management Information under Section 1202
  • Q and A - Feel free to bring your found claims for discussion

Speaker Bio

Richard P. Liebowitz, Esq., is a seasoned New York attorney who focuses on intellectual property law related to copyrights and trademarks at Liebowitz Law Firm, PLLC. He is a 19-year member of the New York Press Photographers Association (NYPPA) and has produced award-winning photojournalism. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Hofstra Law School, Richard now helps his fellow artists around the globe resolve their intellectual property infringements and protect their work, on a contingency basis. As a fellow photographer, he understands the challenges presented in today’s hi-tech environment and is passionate about helping the creative community.